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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Bridge School of Management?

Bridge School contact details are given on the website (www.bridgesom.com) under ‘Contact Us’.  Respective email ids are mentioned for assistance depending on the type of your query. You may use the appropriate id to get in touch with us.

I have completed Bridge School program and have not collected Certificate from Bridge School. How do I get it?

Please send your details i.e. Name, Program Name, Batch Name & No., Year of enrollment to sumedha.chauhan@bridgesom.com Our team will get back to you.

I dropped out of the Bridge course sometime back. Can I complete the program now?

For finding your eligibility to continue, and for other details, please write in to  sumedha.chauhan@bridgesom.com

I want to access some course material from Bridge for reference. How do I go about it?

Generally, all the necessary material/learning resources are provided during the course of your program. if you have any specific query, feel free to write to us at sumedha.chauhan@bridgesom.com.

I had a query regarding my marks obtained in one of the modules that I attended. How do I get clarification on that?

We provide transcripts and certificates to all students meeting the eligibility criteria for the program. In case, you have not collected your marksheet or certificate, please write to sumedha.chauhan@bridgesom.com

I have lost my program certificate issued by Bridge School of Management and I am looking for a duplicate certificate.

Please send your details i.e. Name, Program Name, Batch Name & No., Year of enrollment to sumedha.chauhan@bridgesom.com Our team will get back to you.

How do I find out about courses Bridge would launch in future?

Please go through our website (www.bridgesom.com) and follow the instructions for making further enquiries. Our experts will get back to you and help.