How to build rapport with your boss

It is important to build rapport with your boss in order to get ahead at work. You want them to like you, but the reality is they are human, and sometimes it’s hard for them to see past their own insecurities.  It can be difficult when your boss doesn’t seem receptive or appreciative of anything that you do, but there are some things that you can do that will help show your dedication and commitment. The more confident you act around them, the more likely they’re going to trust you. If this doesn’t seem too successful after a few weeks then maybe it’s time for an honest conversation about how things are going so far or what could make the situation better. 

Here is a list of tips on how to build

1. Start with a compliment

2. Ask for feedback on your work

3. Share personal information about yourself to create a sense of connection

4. Be honest and authentic – don’t lie or sugarcoat the truth

5. Use humor when appropriate, but be careful not to cross boundaries or make fun of people’s differences

6. Stay calm under pressure and take criticism gracefully without getting defensive or angry